December 16, 2017

Flatland Studios Announces New Client – Charming Bottles

Flatland Studios Marketing and Public Relations Agency of Wichita, Kansas today announced the signing of its newest client, Charming Bottles.  Flatland Studios plans to assist Charming Bottles with expanding its brand awareness by supplementing their existing marketing efforts with consulting in the areas of lead generation, email marketing, social media marketing, and effective content creation.

“We are extremely excited to work with Charming Bottles.  The Charming Bottles team has done an excellent job with creating a product that is not only compelling, but exciting. ” said Rachel Tate, Director of Business Development.

In a time when informal text messages and e-mails are the primary source of communication, Charming Bottles delivers a unique gift idea by building on the “message in a bottle” concept.  Such a gift idea speaks volumes to the receiver and shows much thought and consideration has been taken to create a powerful message. The impact is long lasting and message in a bottle will always create an emotional response.

“It may say I love you for the very first time, happy anniversary, or happy birthday to a friend.  I believe a message in a bottle is a one of a kind gift that a person never forgets.” said Ellen Ray, Owner of Charming Bottles

About Flatland Studios
Flatland Studios is a Wichita based unified marketing agency founded by James Barfield and Brock Brown to provide cohesive marketing strategies for businesses that incorporate all elements of the evolving marketing landscape to maximize customer acquisition, brand recognition, and customer experience for their clients while providing superlative service. Flatland Studios offers free monthly marketing workshops to small businesses and organizations. For more information, visit or call 866.544.0503.

About James Barfield
James C. Barfield is passionate about being the voice for organizations: from businesses to nonprofits. Nearly a decade working intensively in the family business, Wichita women’s clothing store Barfield’s Boutique, has provided the hands-on training to turn him into a small business veteran. James has worked as the marketing coordinator for the prestigious non-profit organization The Kansas African American Museum and is active in several Wichita organizations including: Prince Hall Freemasons, American Marketing Association, Young Professionals of Wichita, and the Rotaract Club of Wichita. James balances his hands-on business savvy with formal education, currently majoring in business management with a minor in marketing. James is also trained in project management, negotiation, and he is a certified green belt in Six Sigma. James is the co-founder of Liberate Humanity, Inc., a humanitarian organization dedicated to sending aide to families of natural disasters across the world.

About Brock Brown
Brock Brown studied and graduated from Southwestern College in Winfield, Kansas with a B.S. in Business Information Systems. He also holds a Masters Degree in Management Information Systems from Friends University of Wichita, KS. Since then Brock has become a content management expert working as a Content Management Project Manager and Implementation Specialist at Cessna Aircraft and the Textron Corporation. He has also filled the roles of Solutions Consultant and Business Development Manager at the Hannon Hill Corporation who has produced the award winning Cascade Server Content Management System used by respected organizations such as Duke University, British Petroleum, China Mobile, and the US Department of Justice. Since then Brock has lead several companies of his own while assisting others in utilization of modern marketing concepts by implementing low cost marketing tools and modern marketing concepts to reduce the cost of new customer acquisition and increase brand recognition.

Flatland Studios Accepts Partnership with Constant Contact Email Marketing Solutions

Flatland Studios accepts partnership with the Constant Contact Partner Program (NASDAQ: CTCT) as a Solution Provider Partner. Flatland Studios will now be able to provide its clients with easy-to-use email marketing, social media marketing, event marketing, and online survey tools to help them create and build strong, lasting customer relationships.

“Flatland Studios uses low cost marketing tools and modern marketing concepts to reduce the cost of new customer acquisition and increase brand recognition.” said James Barfield and Brock Brown, Marketing Consultants and Co-Founders. “The Constant Contact online marketing tools give our clients a valuable addition to our core services. Because of the tools’ ease-of-use and affordability, membership in the Constant Contact partner program provided a great solution to meet our clients’ marketing needs.”

Flatland Studios will now use Constant Contact’s online marketing tools, which are specially designed to help small businesses and organizations drive participation and strengthen relationships. These tools include:

  1. Email Marketing for quickly creating professional-looking emails, managing contact lists, measuring campaign results, and reviewing new list member;
  2. Social Media Marketing for turning fans, friends, and followers into customers. Harnessing digital word of mouth from Facebook, retweeting offers on Twitter, or posting a review on Yelp keeps the conversation going and generates a powerful buzz for small business;
  3. Event Marketing for efficiently promoting and managing registrations and RSVPs for meetings, functions, seminars, and events; and
  4. Online Survey for gathering feedback that helps meet customer needs, generate new ideas, and help grow a business or organization.

Quote from Senior Vice President of Constant Contact…

“Our tools are all proven to help small businesses connect with customers and build successful relationships with them,” said Rick Jensen, senior vice president and chief sales and marketing officer at Constant Contact. “We are pleased that Flatland Studios chose Constant Contact to provide its customers with our online marketing tools, and we look forward to working together to be an even bigger factor in their customers’ success.”

About Flatland Studios…
Flatland Studios is a unified marketing agency. We help you identify new opportunities for your brand, create more meaningful brand experiences for your audiences, and develop stronger relationships with your customers. With a foundation built on insight and optimization, we enable you to measure brand interaction and the impact of your marketing effort has on business performance in real-time.


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