December 16, 2017

Marketing Tactics vs. Social Media Strategy

Social Media Strategy Involves Much More than a List of Marketing Tactics…

Again, it comes back to answering the question “Why?” Why should we be doing this?

Social media strategies involve much more than just putting the accounts together and sending out a press release saying, “Hey, we’re now in XYZ social media site.” The members of these social media communities don’t care that you announce your presence. What they care about is if you give them valuable, quality content.

So what does a social media strategy involve? What should you be looking for? How do you avoid failure? These are just a few things you should consider before wildly deploying social media marketing tactics.

  • Answering the “Why?”:  Your social media strategy should fully answer why you’re using a particular tactic. Is it because your audience is there and interacting already? Is it because the potential for branding and exposure is there? Do the research.
  • How to Deploy:  How do you gain respect in social media? Do you go in guns blazing, or do you sit back and get a feel for what you’re about to embark on? Is it an approach of asking questions first and then offering advice? Do you want to ask for submissions from the audience or start by writing valuable content? Your strategy should fully answer these questions before you start.
  • Defining Your Goals and Measuring:  How do you know your efforts were successful? What is your company expecting as a return on your time and resources spent on your marketing efforts in social media. If there isn’t a clear set of goals to be measured for your efforts, how can you justify your tactics? Do you have clear ROI for your social media efforts?
  • When to Re-evaluate?:  Companies forget to define when they should re-evaluate their efforts. They get into the mode of “we’re doing this and we’ll just keep doing it because we have the budget to.” What if something isn’t working, and you aren’t meeting your goals? What if something else is working really well? Set points in your strategy for re-evaluation. Remember, nothing is ever set in stone when it comes to social media marketing.
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