December 16, 2017

Campaign Analytics

Flatland Studios Fast Fact:  32% of the 500 most popular web sites use Google Analytics to identify, measure, and analyze the behaviors of their web site visitors, potential clients, and current customers.

Does your campaign meet your business goals? Does it grow your brand? Is it worth the time and money you invested? These are just a few of the burning questions Flatland Studios analytics capabilities can help you answer.

Defining the purpose of a marketing campaign and assessing its success is a challenge all brands face. Flatland Studios measurement approach helps you meet that challenge through a combination of day-to-day metrics, cross-channel interactions and business level data. This multi-tiered strategy helps you gauge a campaign’s real performance and solve your very real business challenges.

It all starts with an audit of your current measurement process to gain a full understanding of the data needs for planned and future campaigns. From there, our team dives deep. Where many measurement teams fail to explore beyond information-level reporting, Flatland Studios analyzes the underlying causes influencing data shifts. These insights become the recommendations that form the foundation of a measurement strategy built on campaign structure, defined goals and key performance indicators (KPIs).

By delivering the consistent interpretation that lets you understand the true impact of your programs, Flatland Studios can gauge success, provide clear next steps and help ensure that your marketing dollars are being allocated strategically and efficiently.

Types of Services Offered

Measurement Audit, Measurement Strategy, Custom Dashboard Development, and Custom Measurement Projects.


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